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Learn. Craft. Create. Our award winning academy for the next generation. 

Designed to make a difference

Bright Network Technology Academy turns high potential into real capability. 

Bright Network members

To us, it is simple. The best and most effective way to build a more inclusive technology sector for the future, is to create the right opportunities today.

Ten years ago we embarked on a mission to change the way companies and graduate talent connected to drive quality, fairness and diversity to benefit our future workplace. 

With Bright Network Technology Academy we are bringing together a new community of technologists. Learning from the best, we're equipping our members with the skills and opportunities they and future businesses need to thrive. 

Hand-picked from our diverse community of 1,000,000 members, this is an Academy designed to make a difference. 

An impact-focused curriculum, curated by experts

To date, we have trained and deployed over 150 Bright Network consultants who have the capability and commitment to apply their skills and work in leading organisations to change the culture within their technology teams. 

With a focus on ethnic and gender diversity, social mobility and neurodiversity, our 12 week, award-winning bootcamp has created a training framework that focuses on developing the core fundamentals required of successful technology team members. All whilst fostering a deep connection with the craft of engineering. 

Bright Network Technology Academy Summer

Turning insight into action

We hire from our network 

We've been building our diverse community for over ten years. The strength of our Bright Network Academy - 70% are from an ethnic minority, 56% are women and a retention rate of 87% reflects that commitment. 

We work with industry leaders

From Lloyds Banking Group to Bloomberg, EY to Sky, we're working with organisations and sharing best practice with the innovators and pioneers within them to create the change in the workplace we all need to see. 

A better way to learn

We combine real-world projects with group and individual learning frameworks devised by our Chief Learning Architect and former Microsoft trainer and author. Once deployed, we continue to run on-going L&D support and mentoring programmes to complement our consultants placements. 


Training high potential


Curriculum pathways

Learning Pathways

We have three core learning pathways - Software Engineering, Dev Ops and Data Science. We can run bespoke courses and modules to meet differing needs of technology teams and their businesses.

programming languages

A comprehensive curriculum

Python 3, JavaScript, HTML, CSS Bootstrap, TypeScript, Databases, Server-side Frameworks, Client-side Frameworks, Developer Tools, Mobile, Agile.


Five pillars of career readiness

Collaboration, adaptability, technical aptitude, logic and problem solving and lifelong learning.

Annual Hackaton

Hack for Change

Our annual hackathon, bringing together our community to apply their skills and devise tangible solutions to the diversity crisis in technology.​

Drive diversity in your teams

Connect with us to find out how we can drive change in your tech teams with our diverse community of technology consultants.