Driving D&I - Banking

Our client, a FTSE 100 UK bank, is fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Their commitment means they strive to create a fully inclusive environment for all of their employees, customers and communities, and have clear aims for diversity within their workforce.
Included in these aims are targets to achieve 50% female and 13% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic employees in senior positions over the next 3-5 years, and to foster an environment where everyone can feel themselves. To help them achieve these targets, they partnered with us to increase diversity and inclusion within their technology teams. 


The challenge 

The FTSE 100 bank engaged with our team to overcome challenges they were facing when trying to hire diverse talent for their technology teams. A challenge that companies across the UK face when hiring within technology teams and is being exacerbated by the current digital skills shortage. 

As a result of this, our client was unable to make tangible steps towards achieving their diversity goals within their technology teams.  

Two key areas stood out that needed action to improve: 

  • Increase Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic engineers 
  • Increase female engineers 

The solution 

By partnering with us, our client was able to leverage our unique approach to build finding, training and deploying the next generation of tech talent.  

By working in partnership with Technology Academy, we were able to support the FTSE 100 bank to:  

  • Find diverse graduates with the creativity, curious and drive to thrive in their technology teams 
  • Train graduates in 7 key areas to give them the foundations they needed to become software engineers 
  • Match graduates with the right personality and traits to fit their internal culture 

The results 

As a result of our partnership, tangible steps have been made towards improving the representation of women, Black Heritage, Asian and Minority Ethnic people in their workforce:

  • 50 consultants deployed over 16 months
  • 80% Black Heritage, Asian and Minority Ethnic
  • 63% female 
  • 90% retention 

The Technology Academy bootcamp prepared me for my role by giving me the key skills needed to learn any technology put in front of me

Bright Network Technology Academy Consultant