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How Bright Network Technology Academy works

Our mission is to build a diverse community of technology talent, by providing free training to thousands of undergraduates and to increase the pool of graduate software developer talent available for your business. We have developed a ground breaking, digitally driven, learning curriculum to transform high performing graduates into customer driven software developers who are ready to join and contribute to the success of leading tech teams.

Discover how our new initiative creates opportunities for young people, whilst also increasing diversity in the technology sector and your business.
How the Bright Network Technology Academy can support you
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Why hire your future talent from Bright Network Technology Academy?

8 in 10 organisations have a digital skills shortage. The Bright Network Technology Academy discovers high potential student talent and develops them into graduate software developers and lifelong learners, ready to join your business. Here's what makes Technology Academy graduates stand out.


A high quality and diverse network
We identify and support high potential candidates from our network of 500,000+ diverse and ambitious members throughout university
Advance data analytics for assessment and selection
Leveraging over 30 million data points and a rigorous selection process, the very best candidates join our full time training bootcamps
Ground breaking training and support
Selected candidates receive best in class training, develop their commitment to lifelong learning and become your future tech team members

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Companies we partner with

Organisations supporting our mission

We were delighted to meet amazing talent and are so excited to progress with some stand-out candidates.
The team at Bright Network are experts in what they do and take real care over our partnership.
Bright Network is a tremendous concept run by excellent people, which gives our organisation an opportunity to connect with exceptional talent.
We have met some truly impressive students. We are proud to be working with Bright Network.

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