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Bright Network Technology Academy is a unique community bringing together the next generation of talent, and equipping them with the skills and opportunities they need to become our future technology change-makers.  

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10 years ago, Bright Network embarked on a mission to change the way companies and graduate talent connected to drive quality, fairness, diversity and social mobility to benefit our future workplace.

We started with just 100 students and five organisations. Today we have an unrivalled network of 1,000,000+ graduates and 300+ leading companies - including Google, PwC, DysonGoldman Sachs, Amazon, & EY

Technology Academy is the next step on our journey. A pathway to drive greater diversity in the technology sector. A solution to bring about real change and create remarkable opportunities for the next generation of tech talent and leading businesses. 

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Unleash potential to create change

Drive diversity

Just 2% of the UK tech workforce are Black Heritage. Only 13% of UK tech leaders are female. Over 40% of Bright Network Black Heritage members feel their background has been a hindrance in an application. Technology Academy is changing that. 

Create opportunity

Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not. We have over 10 years experience working with our members and leading employers to break down barriers, ensuring firms can access the very best talent and that our graduate members have the chance to fulfil their potential.

Empower a community 

Bright Network is a community of the next generation. The Technology Academy is a network for the next generation in tech. Technology is a high force for positive change. We are uniting the next generation of diverse learners, technologists and strategic partners to bring about real change in the industry.

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    Talent Solutions Awards

    Winner: Best Early Career Initiative with Lloyds Banking Group

    Bright Network Technology Academy Tiara Award October 2022

    Technology Academy's partnership with Lloyds Banking Group was the stand-out entry of the 2022 Best Early Career Initiative award. This was thanks to our innovative approach to increasing diversity and Technology Academy's ability to drive social mobility by breaking down barriers to work for graduates and equipping them with the skills they need to start their career in tech. This resulted in Lloyds Banking Group hiring 50 new junior software engineers for diverse backgrounds. 


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    Tech Star Awards

    Winner: Tiara Tech Talent Learning Solution of the Year 2022


    Technology Academy won the 2022 Learning Solution of the Year award for creating a solution that upskills high potential graduates and embeds diversity and inclusion in technology teams. This created meaningful change by supporting over 100 graduates from diverse backgrounds into a role in software engineering. In total, 66% of these graduates were female, 75% were from a Black Heritage, Asian, or Minority Ethnic background, and more than 85% attended state school.

Our community


Black Heritage

18% of Bright Network Technology Academy consultants are Black Heritage, compared with just 2% in the UK tech workforce.


58% of Bright Network Technology Academy consultants are female, compared with just 19% in the UK tech workforce.
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85% of Bright Network Technology Academy consultants are state-educated, showing our commitment to equal opportunities regardless of educational background.


12% of Bright Network Technology Academy consultants are LGBTQIA+, showing our commitment to creating a community that is accepting for all.

Free school meals

32% of our candidates have received free school meals, showing our commitment to breaking down barriers by increasing social mobility.
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Future-proofing the future

Training today's junior software engineers. Creating tomorrow's technology leaders. 

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Organisations need strong technical talent to grow, transform and future-proof their businesses.

Our goal is to help them solve critical challenges and problematic gaps in skills that can hold their tech teams back. 

As the No. 1 student and graduate trusted careers platform, with over 100 million data points on our membership and an engagement net promoter score of +74, we are uniquely positioned to find, train and deploy the most promising and diverse technology talent. 


Uniting changemakers and companies to change the face of tech

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The community

Our diverse community is made up of the best graduate talent. Brought together by a drive to succeed in technology, supported by our team to ensure they realise their potential.
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The curriculum

Combining core programming and real life projects, with the collaborative and resilient skillset that forms the foundation of successful engineering teams. We foster a deep connection to the craft of engineering.
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The companies

We partner with forward-thinking employers to help them meet their diversity goals, matching them with our high-potential learners to create exciting and very real change in the sector.

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What our members say

"After graduating I quickly realised I wanted to pursue a career in tech, and Technology Academy provided the perfect platform to convert my STEM background into a more tech focused role."

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