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Our members are the heart of Bright Network. That’s why we have a presence at every UK University, deliver hundreds of workshops, and have over a million students visit our website for advice and career guidance every year. We support them from career discovery in their first year all the way through to connecting them to their first graduate job.

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Our deep engagement with members provides us with rich data, which fuels our hyper-targeted approach for employers.

We capture millions of data points, their values, aptitude, interests and more, to understand our members better and match your company with only the most suitable talent

Bright Network Technology Academy
How we grow our membership

Bright Network now has 600,000+ members, with 120,000 of those members joining us since the start of 2020. Students and recent graduates join the digital platform from all the campaigns we run throughout the year, including our partnerships with career services, outreach from campus ambassadors, events and e-learning and freshers focused initiatives. 

Everything we do for our members is free to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get ahead with their career, regardless of their background.

I think the course is taught in such a way that everything that is new is easy to understand and we can follow along, but if you've covered it before it's still really interesting
Issy Yeung
University of Birmingham 2017
I feel like I belong to an awesome community full of intelligent people and everyone is so collaborative and helpful. If you ever get stuck everyone is so willing to help out
Ozan Caglar
University of Warwick 2020
What I found most interesting is understanding that you don't actually need to know everything, you just need to know how it works. You don't need to re-invent the wheel.
George Goodall
London School of Economics & Political Science 2019
My degree, in the largest sense, was problem solving. Software engineering and software development is putting that skill of problem solving and critical thinking into effect.
Iain Sandison
University of St Andrews 2020
The biggest outcome from this program is not just about coding. You have lots of opportunities to work with lots of similar, like-minded people in these group projects where you're creating code that actually contributes to something.
Clarisa Chan
Lancaster University 2016
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Meeting Issy, one of the Bright Network Technology Academy students
Meeting Rachel, one of the Bright Network Technology Academy students
Meeting Matt, one of the Bright Network Technology Academy students

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