In conversation with Peter Crouch, Lloyds Banking Group CIO of Business & Commercial Banking

Recently at Bright Network Technology Academy, we sat down with Lloyds Banking Group CIO of Business & Commercial Banking, Peter Crouch, to discuss how we're working with them as an Emerging Talent partner to help drive diversity across their engineering teams.

In the interview, Bright Network Technology Academy Managing Director, Rachel Carvell-Spedding, and Peter spoke about a range of key challenges facing the technology sector, the benefits of sourcing technologists from both STEM and non-STEM backgrouds, and the positive change that diverse talent from Bright Network Technology is having on the engineering teams at Lloyds Banking Group.

See the highlights from the interview below.


1. Increasing the recruitment of diverse talent in partnership with Bright Network Technology Academy

Peter Crouch vide image


2. The war for technology talent and the importance of focusing on sustainability and inclusion

Barriers to tech


3. The importance of hiring STEM and Non-STEM graduates and the barriers to working in technology

STEM vs non STEM


At Bright Network Technology Academy, we would like to thank Peter for speaking with us about the challenges facing the technology sector and how Lloyds Banking Group are driving change through diversity and inclusion.

We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group to support emerging talent and build the workforce of tomorrow.