Hiring diverse talent

Discovering and training your technology team’s future hires

From discovery and screening to training and hiring

Here’s how the Bright Network Technology Academy expands the pool of exceptional and diverse future technology talent, trains graduates to become lifelong learners and helps businesses hire the software developer resource it needs.

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Step 1: Developing our 600,000+ members

Bright Network provides undergraduates with the insights, advice and training to explore future career paths and reach their potential, all free of charge.

Within the Bright Network Technology Academy, our diverse community will have access to best in class, e-learning courses to start developing their technical and digital skillset - broadening the pool of technology talent coming out of UK universities.

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Step 2: Identifying and screening talent for excellence

From day one of becoming a Bright Network member, every interaction made on the platform builds up a deep understanding of each student’s aptitude, interests and potential to be a software developer. Our experts in talent selection and screening use this data to invite a select cohort onto a one week software development programme.

Members who excel during the one week programme and assessment are welcomed onto the full time 12 week bootcamp.

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Step 3: Best in class training

Successful candidates receive the very best training and support on the 12 week programme, developed by an ex-Microsoft trainer and the input of technology teams at leading companies.

The programme involves real-world project work, as well as extensive development of the soft skills that technology engineers need to make an impact on day one within the teams they will join. See our training programme in full.

Step 4: A simple commercial model for flexible hiring

Bright Network Technology Academy graduates are ready to join your technology team. Through our matching process, we ensure that we connect companies with only the best fit academy graduates.

Hiring and onboarding on a contract basis ensures flexibility, giving you a low risk opportunity to get the right tech talent into your business. We also support and mentor graduates in their early career, so you get the best out of them. Get in touch to find out more.

The membership experience

After Bright Network's three day Technology Internship, I was left thinking where could I ever find another amazing experience that could compare.
Bright Network member
Representatives from companies such as BP, Accenture, P&G and Capital One have all been incredibly informative and insightful in how their industry works.
Bright Network member
Bright Network allowed me to read others’ experiences and different company’s cultures so I felt sure I was applying to the correct organisation.
Bright Network member

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