Best in class training

Building a network of diverse junior software developers

Three months of instructor led and real-world training

Bright Network Technology Academy is collaborating with industry leading developers and technology teams, as well as leveraging our in-house expertise in training and developing graduates. In 2020, Bright Network led over 1 million hours of learning for over 150,000+ students and recent graduates in the technology space and beyond.

Discover what sets our training apart on Bright Network Technology Academy

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End-to-end training for software developers

The Bright Network Technology Academy focuses on the essential skills to be a software developer and a lifelong learner.

Accelerated Learning Course - 12 weeks

Here students enter an immersive bootcamp to become a fullstack developer, enhancing their knowledge of the earlier languages covered and building an understanding of relevant Developer Tools, TypeScript, Databases, Server and Client-Side Frameworks, Mobile and Agile ways of working.

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Developing soft skills and life-long learners

It’s not just technical skills gained throughout the programme, participants are trained in the soft skills that software developers require to work effectively in fast-moving technology teams.

This includes communication skills, teamwork and a framework for self-directed learning. The Bright Network Technology Academy looks to develop the five key pillars:

  • Adaptability 
  • Collaboration
  • Skillfulness 
  • Problem Solving
  • Lifelong Learning
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Expert trainers and instructor-led sessions

Bright Network has over ten years of experience nurturing and training students and recent graduates. We have combined this expertise with industry learning professionals, including our Chief Learning Architect, an ex-Microsoft trainer and author with over 2 decades of experience in developing instructional materials.

In turn, throughout the programme, external instructors and working professionals will deliver sessions that reflect the needs of today’s technology teams, as well as setting case work for students to complete.

A supportive cohort of fellow technologists

Each intake will benefit from a collaborative, supportive environment with their fellow technology enthusiasts. Whether it’s working in squads to solve real-world challenges or providing motivation and accountability.

Once a graduate joins the Bright Network Technology Academy they are a member for life. They can check in with their cohort and have the opportunity to return as an alumni instructor, as they continue their journey of lifelong learning.


What a typical day on the training programme looks like

  • Stand up and teach backs
  • Lectures, demonstrations and Q&A
  • Lab work and office hours
  • Lab discussion and further teach back
  • Stand up and teach backs
30 minutes

Present back homework assignments

Discuss the day ahead

Remove any blockers and discuss challenges

2 hours

Overview of the day’s core topics

Active use of Jupyter notebooks

Open forum for collaboration and discussion

4 hours

Tailored work tasks

Self-managed learning and practice

Check in with experts available throughout

30 minutes

Present self-managed work

Collaborate on solving challenges across the cohort

Opportunity to discuss topic with expert instructor

30 minutes

Short assignment set and discussed

Reinforce the day's learning and advanced understanding

Sharing of key materials and resources

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