Sharing insights – what can scale ups and enterprise tech teams learn from each other?

25th February

Why Join?

As the economy enters a new normal, the ability to build an exceptional tech team, aligned to your mission and with diversity of thought, has become an essential skill for technology leads.

Leaders from top technology companies share their learnings and best practices from scale-ups and the enterprise world. 

Participants will gain exclusive insights into how leading companies have overcome the challenges of finding, retaining, and building their teams. 

What we covered:

  • Insights into what makes a high performing tech team, and how to build one
  • The route to fostering a culture of continuous learning
  • How to attract and retain self motivated engineers and technologists


Thomas Brightwell, CTO at Bright Network, formerly at Skyscanner & Accenture



Rija Javed, Engineering Leader at Facebook

Vicki Fraser, Product Management Director at Skyscanner

Sam Barnes, Software Development Manager at Marks & Spencer

Jeremy Burns, Head of Software Engineering at News UK

Hew Bruce-Gardyne, Co-founder of TVSquared Ltd



25th February, at 11am GMT


Online (Zoom)

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